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Every instrument in a multitrack is recorded on a separate channel and is saved in a separate physical file. You can change the sound not only of the full mix flexibly but of every instrument by itself, controlling such parameters as…

  • Volume
  • Panning
  • Equalization
  • Effects
Work in your favorite software

New Multitracks

Raining On Sunday
Raining On Sunday Keith Urban, 2002
Danger Zone
Danger Zone Kenny Loggins, 1985
Black Magic Woman
Black Magic Woman Santana, 1970
Let's Fall in Love
Let’s Fall in Love Diana Krall, 1999
Here We Go
Here We Go C+C Music Factory, 1991
This Kiss
This Kiss Carly Rae Jepsen, 2012
Everytime We Touch
Everytime We Touch Cascada, 2005
Take Me Home
Take Me Home Cash Cash, 2013
Love You Like A Love Song
Love You Like A Love Song Cats On Trees, 2014
Recovering Céline Dion, 2016

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Professional Multitracks

Wide repertoire

We provide multitracks in lots of different styles! We’ve collected all actual world repertory of XX and XXI centuries.

High quality

Our multitracks comply with the highest modern standards. An excellent record quality and a masterly performance of musicians!

We offer multitracks Premium Quality It’s the music that gained millions and millions of hearts! Songs of the most respected and talent performers loving by many listeners around the Globe!

It allows those, who don’t have an own studio, an expensive equipment, and audio recording experience, getting backing tracks of a high quality without leaving a house. The sound of your mixes won’t yield to works of great masters!

Work Effectively!

Mixing is Simple Mixing is Simple

Simple Question...

Time Is Golden!

How much time do you spend on one backing track?

Do you really like to do everything yourself? Is it worth it? So many good singers think of compressing or equalizing backtrack instead of paying more attention to voice or image overall! Or another example is when a talented musician, not having a perfect ear, listens to a difficult arrangement by trying to hear all nuances of his part without ready sheets instead of improving his skill! If you don’t have assistants or money to hire them, you have to do everything yourself. As a result, you made all preparations; soundtracks are ready as well… But you don’t have enough energy, time, and what is more important ‒ passion to share it with the audience, to light up their eyes with fire! One person can’t cope with all issues especially when he’s in a hurry! The simplest solution here is to take ready-to-use multitracks!

That's what we propose:

We offer high-quality MULTITRACKS recorded in a professional studio and something more significant and valuable... TIME! Time that you will spend on self-improvement, creative work, or just relax!

Customize Everything!

Customize Everything!

Create your own song versions! Amaze your listeners! With a multitrack, you get a big space for your creative work! From this moment, you can do anything you want with every instrument separately because it’s saved in a separate file! The simplest thing you can do is to change a volume! Then EQ, compression, and an unlimited number of effects go. But technologies are so advanced today that a whole audio recording studio, which occupied a full floor 40-50 years ago and cost cosmic sums of money, is easily located in your PC today, in a box at $150! It’s striking! Let’s make use of it! Your own versions of songs The epoch of mixing ‘in a box’ came! Tons of equipment are dumped or got dusty like rarity. Launch a host app, install a good set of plugins that emulate any hardware, and enjoy! You can apply all these amazing modern instruments to our multitracks in any order. There are no device or program limits. Everything is limited only by your fantasy and equipment volume! Naturally, you can even transfer channels of computer multitracks to the channels of your analogue mixer.

Work like a real producer! Opening a multitrack, you as if come to a studio, take a working project, and manage what should be changed like a real producer! Suppose that you’re a guitarist, but there’s no solo in a song and you want to add it so much. It’s not a problem if you have a multitrack. We take and copy a verse or a refrain, remove vocal and guitar parts. Now you can solo! But there’s no need to record a solo! Save an empty mix and improvise your solo on the concert! It’s easy! Let’s imagine that you dispose a team of experienced musicians that have already performed their parts. A soundtrack already seems appealing, stylish, and rhythmical. But until this mix is saved, we still can change something in it. Work like a Real Producer! It’s hard to make a good mix from bad originals. It’s not in vain when people say that mastering is to remove disadvantages of rerecording while rerecording itself means to remove disadvantages of the record. Our multitracks are performed by experienced musicians in a professional audio recording studio. Tracks are already rerecorded and need mastering; they have a clear and well-balanced sound. If you damage a good mix occasionally, you will feel the difference in a moment. It’s easy to work on our originals – just trust your ears!

Open multitracks on any device! Our multitracks are stored in a universal and available format and open on any device! You will use just those programs or devices you already know. You need time to become familiar with a new technology – to study sofware and hardware. Sometimes you have to pay money to buy something but sometimes you should collect them. Let’s make it simpler! A universal format gives an opportunity to work on devices you got used to! It might be a PC or Mac, Cubase or Pro Tools, it might be Workstation (Korg, Roland, etc) or modern digital mixing console (like Allen&Heath QU-Series)! Work on Any Platform! There's no need to master new equipment and software. Make mixes like you used to do and where you used to do! You may have any, even the most elementary, sound card integrated into a motherboard of your PC! Probably, you will be amazed, but even your mobile phone is able to edit multitracks! You can edit multitracks, having neither a laptop nor a computer! Mp3 and WAV formats are opened everywhere and can be easily converted into exotic formats if needed. If you have never worked on multitracks, watch this 2-minute video and everything will be easy to understand!

In Different Styles!

In Many Different Styles In Many Different Styles
All begins from music. From good music! We comprehend it! That's why we respect ALL KINDS of music. In our library you will find stems of songs are in absolutely different styles and epochs! Starting with retro jazz (only your grandmother remembers them if she still remembers something), rock-n-roll (Elvis), and a fiery rock from its conception (Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/Led Zeppelin), and ending with such modern bands like Muse. Hits of the epoch of Disco conception and prosperity, and, of course, such an extensive style as POP!. Lovers of musicals, Latin and country styles (there’re a lot of them now) will also be satisfied! In other words, music fits every taste! You will easily find stems desired in our catalog – all compositions are sorted out by authors and styles.

What is your style?

For Any Instruments!

Backing Tracks For All Instruments Backing tracks
Not only for singers!

But also for
guitar piano drums bass sax any other instruments!
In this library you will get backing tracks for many instruments!!!

Downloading standard mp3 backing tracks from internet you can’t remove any instruments from it. It's not a per-channel record. It's not possible to make a version of mix for guitar, bass, piano or any other. Many instrumentalists face this problem using standard karaoke libraries. Your part is already recorded; you don’t know what else to play. As bad luck, you don’t have time to transribe or learn your part. You start to play and general mix is so dirty that you are giving up… It’s easier not to turn on your instrument at all! This problem is solved from now on! Download a multitrack, remove your part, and play everything you want instead of it. Improvise and shine! Make custom backing tracks for your instruments! Following these links, you can find soundtracks for your instruments. Also, you can use a catalogue filter (more details by this link). What's your instrument? Vocal Backing Tracks Guitar Backing Tracks Piano Backing Tracks Drums Backing Tracks Bass Backing Tracks Saxophone Backing Tracks Ukulele Backing Tracks Accordion Backing Tracks Open Full Catalog

For Any Tasks!

For Many Different Needs

Our multitracks are useful for:

  1. Singers
  2. Instrumentalists
  3. Cover-groups
  4. Sound designers
  5. Producers
  6. Students
  7. Music teachers
  8. DJs
  9. Karaoke-bars
  10. All music lovers!
For Many Different Needs

It's absolutely not necessary to be a musician! Many people whose activities relate to music can use our stems! Our articles and F.A.Q. contain a lot of information about ways how you can use multitracks in your work.

For Different Specialists

Body of Knowledge

Body of Knowledge
On our website, you will get a lot of interesting information! F.A.Q. contains answers to the most popular questions of our users. In our news blog, we publish interesting articles about music production, composition, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and so on, and so on! We make efforts in the area of education of our users, help them to evolve and broaden their creative horizons! We care about your progress!

What people say

Arnella GaribovicSound Engineer, Alumni of SAEAuckland, NZ

“You could hardly find another stems library on the Internet, comparing to this site by its size. We often use it. It helps us at work so much! We highly recommend it!”

Lizzy ParksSinger, "Lizzy and The Gentlemen"Cannes, FR

“My friend from another cover group recommended this library to me, and the first song I heard was the one from Adele’s repertoire. At first, I thought that these guys have found and uploaded an original multitrack for an open access! Some songs are almost impossible to differentiate from an original! To my mind, it’s an excellent work! Thank you!”

Sophie FrancesSinger, Seraph BandPort Talbot, UK

“I work in a duet with the guitar player; we play covers and original. There may be a problem with covers: a song (especially modern, rhythmical, and dancing) does not sound well to the guitar accompaniment. It neither gets you worked up nor hitches up. Then we take multitrack here, delete some channels, record some parts, and make an excellent backing track! It’s convenient when everything’s ready. The price for the access is really ridiculous!”

Vasily RudenkoZildjian and Tama Endorser, Founder of Ebsh showMoscow, RU

“I often need multitracks and stems and isolated-tracks catalog is the very first place where I go!”

Ongart Kaweekiattikhun (Earth)Dummer, "Earthband"Bangkok, TH

“This production library always helps us a lot! The most important thing is that we save lots of time that’s usually spent on song analysis and transcribe! At first, we perform three together, without drums and a backing vocal. Then, as soon as the track is sung and learned, we start to perform it with a live band! However, when drummer and second soloist come to repetition they know form of multitrack. We can make lots of very complex songs and arrangements very quickly!”

Todiras VasileGuitaristChisinau, MD

“Sounds dearly but price is so affordable!”

Nataly DawnSinger, "Pomplamoose"Sacramento, US

“Such projects like this are undoubtedly useful for many musicians around the World! I’d like to will you prosperity!”

Dave BoleyElectronic repair, radio hamManningtree, UK

“At our forum, many musicians and singers know and compliment this site and its library; sometimes I jam or improvise to a multitrack myself using this catalog. It’s so wonderful that you don’t have to record or transcribe anything, everything is done! Just turn off unnecessary instruments and play. It's for such totally lazy guys like I am. ”

Rudi AbrahamsBass-guitarist, "5 Levels Up"Cape Town, ZA

“We’ve always played with multitracks downloaded from this library before but have recently taken a drummer to our band… At the first rehearsal, in a moment, we have felt contrast to performance by multitrack, the band has lost its rhythm. That’s why we had to make the drummer play with click at the first rehearsal. We still use some multitracks, leaving percussion or loops for listeners (it makes sound more tight) and click for out drummer. It’s pleasant that we don’t need to transcribe, mix, or remaster anything, as well as everything is clear rhythmically. A track doesn’t sound, it rolls!”

Wei-Xiong WabgSkillman Music Recording StudioNew York, US

“At musical school where I work, the administration always asks me to find phonograms for student performances. Quality of phonograms is just awful at some sites; so, I have to spend time on creation backtracks via MIDI, connect up tons of libraries and plugins to Cubase. Even if I spend a whole day for a phonogram in my studio instruments still sound artificially. I have to edit some percussion parts manually by velocity as they sound like a burst of sub-machine gun fire while wind instruments don’t sound in any library! I take ready-to-use phonograms here if it is possible. I haven’t faced such problems with sources because instruments are performed live or, in case with MIDI, with hands directly! ”

Bartosz PiekarskiSound DesignerLondon, UK

“Multitracks are our future! It's more close future than you can imagine. Many groups working with multitracks today (The Muse, Simply Red). And the listener takes it!”

It's time to create!

It's time to create your first mix! Let it be smooth, tight, juicy and emotional! From now on, you'll be able to produce high-quality phonograms and playbacks that can satisfy even the most experienced listeners! You will be able to transcribe parts of your instrument using multitracks. You'll master a large amount of difficult tasks in easy and fast way! You’re given with the talent and time not to dissipate them on ordinary routine! The number of your fans will grow! You'll overtake all your competitors in the music business and get more attractive offers! There are no limits on how you'll be using stems, what instruments you prefer - multitrack format plays everywhere! We wish you success in your creative work, and on your way through adversity to the Stars! team

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