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       Hello, dear colleagues! Here you will find so-called custom backing tracks multi-channel recordings (stems, isolated tracks). World-famous songs in different genres, such as rock, pop, jazz, and more! Multitracks are very useful for instrumentalists in part transcribing, home or stage music-making, working in cover-group, training in mixing, etc. We hope our collection will help you in your creative process and wish you success!       

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Isolated tracks

Multitracks/stems for different instruments

Not only for singers!

Nowadays it’s not a big problem to find backing tracks for vocalists. There’re lots of resources where you can get soundtracks of almost any song without vocal. It’s more difficult with the so-called custom backing tracks, i.e. with soundtracks for instrumentalists. For example, a guitarist wants a soundtrack without a guitar part while a bass player – without a bass part. If these guys meet tomorrow, they will need a mix without a guitar and a bass but with all the rest. What can you do in this case?

You can make a soundtrack yourself by recording all the necessary parts with the help of MIDI or in a live format.

You can also download a MIDI file and edit it in a sequencer by rummaging in a mine of VST plugins and samples in search of more or less realistic sounds.

Hardly any musician has enough time, nerves, and knowledge to work on it.

We have a solution for those who would like to start mixing right now!

Total multitracks
in base: 4766

These are soundtracks in a multitrack format (stems, isolated tracks, studio sessions). Having them at hand, you choose yourself which tracks are to be played in your final mix.

Standards of quality

It's not a secret that a final mix quality depends on sources.

Recording a song, you should keep in mind lots of as musical, so technical nuances. Everything hinges on the play quality, sound producer’s ears and experience, right use of equipment and its quality.

We offer such sources that shouldn’t be mixed at all! You can just add them to any multitrack editor and get an excellent mix! You are able to delete any part or replay it fully or partly in a multitrack.

Without efforts!

The more talented you are, the more demands are made of you and the more efforts you have to make in order to realize fully.

Think which creative opportunities are opened up for you, how much valuable time you get, and what interesting things you can do now!

Try multitracks!

Helpful for many people

Our collection may be interesting for musicians that want to mix their parts faster, sound producers who would like to practice on materials mixed in advance, wedding bands and cover groups for their performances at special events, and other people interested in them!

Easy for newbies!

If you haven’t faced multitracks before, it would be enough for you to mix it once (here are examples). Then the second mixing according to a pattern won’t be a problem for you! There’re lots of instruments, and the program choice is the matter of taste.

Instruments are not that important as a final result. Just believe your ears!

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