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Important note
All recordings in the library are not the originals. These are re-recorded versions of the original songs. These recordings do not use original music, original vocals, samples, or any feature of the original audio recordings. The names of the original artists are given for reference only. To abide by the intellectual and property rights, you must obtain the necessary authorizations from the rights holders (collective management bodies and/or music publishers).
Terms And Conditions
We, the owners of this website and all the multitracks contained herein, own all the rights to everything you find here. When you purchase access, you buy a license to use our multitracks. YOU DO NOT OWN THEM. You agree not to resell these multitracks to third parties. By using this website and purchasing a Premium Membership, you automatically agree to everything listed in the Legalese Version. You are allowed to use these multitracks for practicing and for your performances. That’s it. You can make a demo recording to advertise your gigs, but you can’t sell the recording for a profit. You have to ensure you’re not breaking any laws in your local area by using these materials. We’re not responsible for anything if you violate any laws by using these materials. We’re going to send you emails from time to time. Regular communication is a crucial factor, especially regarding your payments and their statuses. We can delete your account if your email does not work, except when you have an active Premium membership or payment history. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or need further clarification.
Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts on the website are not allowed. If you use more than one account with similar payment credentials, you have a very high risk of being permanently restricted in this service. You should notify the administration of the website before payment for your secondary account is pending or completed; otherwise, your payment will not be approved, or it may be refunded to your card. All your previously used accounts will be permanently deleted. After reviewing the user's payment information, the anti-fraud team or security system may reject the user, even if his payment is approved. In this case, the user will get an immediate refund and permanent ban.
Legalese Version
All materials (including, without limitation, all music, designs, text, graphics, and their selection and arrangement) on this website are the copyright of No material on this website may be copied or reproduced, whether physical, electronic, or otherwise, for commercial purposes. By accessing this site, you accept all terms and agreements listed herein. The downloading of any multitracks or library samples constitutes your full acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.
It's a licensing agreement.All multitracks remain the property of at all times and are offered for the license only. A license to use our multitracks to accompany live performances is granted only to the nominated licensee. Use by third parties, lending, hiring, or re-selling is strictly forbidden. A license will be deemed invalid in the event of a breach of any/all of the terms and conditions stated herein, rendering any further use by the licensee of the isolated tracks illegal. No other rights are granted by the license. The nominated licensee may use audios to create demo recordings; however, any commercial release, sale, or trade of any recording utilizing any portion of audio files requires the expressed written consent of Failure to do so instantly terminates this licensing agreement and will result in legal action.
Licensees Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the licensee to adhere to the laws of any territory, state, or country where the licensee may use our products and to respect all laws governing the collection of performance royalties and the rules and regulations regarding intellectual property and copyright in said territories. Isolated Tracks cannot be held responsible for any legal action against the licensee due to the use or misuse of any of our audio materials.
Property Roghts Intellectual And Copyright
All materials (including, without limitation, all designs, text, graphics, and their selection and arrangement) on this Website are the copyright of Isolated-Tracks. No material on this Website may be copied or reproduced, whether physical, electronic, or otherwise, without Isolated-Tracks' express written consent. You agree not to publish, sell, alter, create derivative works from, modify, distribute, broadcast, transmit, or edit any site content, whether purchased or received, free of charge without the expressed written permission of Isolated-Tracks and/or any appropriate third parties. Any copyright infringement will result in termination of service and possible legal action.
General Terms, Including Limitations On Liability
An audio recording of each song will be sent to the licensee as a bunch of downloadable links as a file in a standard audio format (*.wav or *.mp3). Isolated-Tracks accepts no responsibility for losses or delays by any delivery method selected by the licensee and elects to deal with any such claims on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Isolated-Tracks, and the decision of Isolated-Tracks will be final and indisputable. Isolated-Tracks has taken all reasonable steps in the preparation and delivery of the content of this library. However, Isolated Tracks cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on this Website. Accordingly, you should not rely on or act upon any such data until you have independently verified its accuracy and validity. Isolated-Tracks can guarantee 99,9% uptime of this Website, and Isolated-Tracks makes no guarantees regarding its speed, functionality, or otherwise, which may depend on the user's software of bandwidth. The Website may be connected using hypertext links from other Websites, which does not control. accepts no responsibility or liability for any of the material contained on any such Website and, while it does not wish to affect the opinion of anybody accessing any such Website, whether from this Website or otherwise, does not endorse, support, or promote any statements made or opinions expressed thereon. This agreement is made in the United Kingdom. Any dispute arising regarding this agreement will be dealt with under United Kingdom law and within the jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom. If anyone outside the UK accesses this Website, it shall be that person’s responsibility to ensure compliance with any local laws to the extent that they do or may apply. You agree that any litigation arising from these terms of service or your use of this site shall be filed only in the United Kingdom. If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be unlawful, void, or unenforceable for any reason, then that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. Isolated Tracks expressly reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions from time to time by posting new terms and conditions on this Website.
Legal Authorities
Isolated Tracks may also disclose Personally Identifiable Information in cases when we have reason to believe that it is necessary to identify someone violating Isolated Tracks’ Terms and Conditions or may be causing injury to Isolated Tracks' rights or property, other users, or anyone else.
Security And Privacy
Isolated Tracks makes reasonable efforts to protect the security and integrity of the information you provide once it is received on our systems. However, when you submit information about yourself to Isolated Tracks over the Internet, the information may travel over many systems not controlled by Isolated Tracks. Isolated Tracks may, from time to time, notify you via email of special offers or updates. Your email address is kept private at all times and is not made available to any third party unless required by law. All requests to be removed from our mailing list will be honored.
Refund Policy
Refunds for purchases may be requested by contacting customer support. Refunds can be done on case by case basis and not later that 10 days from initial order for purchase. Isolated-Tracks shall make a decision to refund within 5 business days. If the decision is positive Isolated-Tracks shall issue refund within 5 business days. Refunds will not be issued for partially used services. The decision to refund a charge does not imply the obligation to issue additional future refunds. Should a refund be issued for any reason, it will be credited solely to the payment method and the payment details used in the original transaction. Isolated-Tracks will not issue refunds by cash, check, or to another payment mechanism. All refunds are thoroughly investigated and may prevent future purchases with Isolated-Tracks given the circumstances.

Last updated: 28.10.2023

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