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Backing tracks for percussion. High-quality studio records of the most popular music compositions in the multitrack format. All the musicians have tasks - creative and technical. We help to solve both ones. Multitracks for percussion are very useful for percussion players from either technical and artificial points of view!

Multitrack Recording of Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 13 channels: Metronome, Orchestral Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Synth Voice, String Section, Cello, Harp, French Horn, English Horn, Clarinet, Flute, Lead Vocal
Sledgehammer - Isolated Tracks
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 12 channels: Metronome, Click, Drum Kit, Electronic Percussion, Sound Effect, Bass Synth, Synthesizer, Synth Pad, Guitar Synth, Backing Vocals1, Backing Vocals2, Lead Vocal
Big Girls Don't Cry - Multitrack Format
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 14 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Electronic Drum Kit, Percussion, Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Arr. Acoustic Guitar, Electric Piano, Synth Pad, String Section, vinyl, Sound Effect, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
Go Your Own Way — Multitrack Recording
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 12 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Percussion, Bass, Rhythm Acoustic Guitar (left), Rhythm Acoustic Guitar (right), Rhythm Electric Guitar (left), Rhythm Electric Guitar (right), Lead Electric Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
Multitrack of Dog Days Are Over
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 8 channels: Metronome, Drums and Percussion, Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano, Harp, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
Isolated tracks of Never Let Me Go
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 14 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Percussion, Bass, Rhythm Electric Guitar, Lead Electric Guitar, Arr. Electric Guitar, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Synth Pad, Synth Strings, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
Stay — Stems
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 15 channels: Metronome (Click + Key), Click, Drums and Percussion, Bass, Rhythm Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Acoustic Guitar (Arpeggio), Electric Guitar (clean), Lead Electric Guitar, Distorted Electric Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
Is This Love — Multitrack Format
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 12 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Percussion, Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Guitar(nylon), Lead Electric Guitar, Piano, Electric Piano, Flute, Sound Effect(Sea), Lead Vocal
Billionaire — Multitrack Karaoke
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 12 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Tambourine, Congas, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Organ, Backing Vocals, Backing Vocals(rap), Lead Vocal, Lead Vocal(rap)
Download Stems of Never Tear Us Apart
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 11 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Percussion, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Synth Keys, Saxophone, String Section, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
Bills, Bills, Bills — Multitrack Recording
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 9 channels: Metronome, Electronic Drum Kit, Claves/Woodblock, Electronic Percussion, Bass, Backing Vocals1, Backing Vocals2, Backing Vocals3, Lead Vocal
Multitrack Recording of Blue Christmas
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 15 channels: Metronome, Metronome, Click, Drum Kit, Percussion, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Glockenspiel, String Section, Harp, Clarinet, Flute, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
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