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Stevland Hardaway Morris

Stevie Wonder's Multitracks

If It's Magic
If It's Magic
Stevie Wonder
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 4 channels: Harmonica (left), Harmonica (right), Harp, Lead Vocal
Isolated Tracks of They Won't Go When I Go
They Won't Go When I Go
Stevie Wonder
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 8 channels: Bass, Piano, Synth Lead 1, Synth Lead 2, Tuba Euphonium, Oboe, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
High-Quality Stems
For Your Love
Stevie Wonder
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 12 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Percussion, Bass Synth, Electric Guitar, Piano, Electric Piano, Synth Keys, String Section, French Horn, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
You Haven't Done Nothin' (Isolated tracks)
You Haven't Done Nothin'
Stevie Wonder
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 8 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Bass, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Brass section, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
Multitrack of I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 6 channels: Double Bass, Piano, String Section, Oboe, Flute, Lead Vocal
Stevie Wonder, Fingertips
Stevie Wonder
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 11 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Bongos, Hand Clap, Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Brass section, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
We Didn't Know - Whitney Houston
We Didn't Know
Stevie Wonder ft. Whitney Houston
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 8 channels: Metronome, Drums and Percussion, Bass Synth, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal Whitney Houston, Lead Vocal Stevie Wonder
Ngiculela, Es Una Historia, I Am Singing (by Stevie Wonder)
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 11 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Eggs, Triangle, Jingle Bells, Castanets, Bongos, Bass Synth, Synth Keys 1, Synth Keys 2, Lead Vocal
Redemption Song - Stems Download
Redemption Song
Stevie Wonder
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 14 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Triangle, Congas, Timpani, Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer (left), Synth Pad, Synth Keys, String Section, Lead Vocal
Free (by Wonder, Stevie)
Stevie Wonder
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 9 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Percussion, Bass Synth, Acoustic Guitar 1, Acoustic Guitar 2, Ocarina, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal

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In our library, you can find and download thousands of multitracks of the most popular songs from the World repertoire! We do not have any preferences for a certain narrow genre: in this catalog, you will see music in many different styles!

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We help professional musicians to achieve perfect results in their creative work. With ready-to-use multitrack, so many difficult things become so easy! For instance, you do not need to spend your money on an expensive audio-hardware, pay for a studio, invite musicians, waste your time on recording, and so on, and so on.

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All multitracks represented in high quality. High-quality of source recordings allow a sound producer or musician to make a great final mix. But there're more opportunities which are not so obvious. For example, per-channel transposition and tempo changes, which are able with stems, give much more quality results than you can get transposing standard stereo-mixes and karaoke downloaded from the web!

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With multitracks, you will be able to learn music and transcribe parts very easy and very fast! If you would like to listen to the licks of masters, but do not have enough listening skills to transcribe complex arrangements and parts, you may learn your instrument in the multitrack by simply muting all others. All the details will be transparent for you while no other sounds around your part!

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