Isolated tracks

Multitracks of artists on C

  1. Adam Clayton1 multitrack available
  2. Adam Cohen1 multitrack available
  3. Agnes Carlsson3 multitracks available
  4. Ahmed Chawki2 multitracks available
  5. Alain Clark5 multitracks available
  6. Alessia Cara1 multitrack available
  7. Alex Clare2 multitracks available
  8. Alice Cooper9 multitracks available
  9. Alisha Chinai2 multitracks available
  10. André Claveau3 multitracks available
  11. Annie Cordy3 multitracks available
  12. Archie Campbell1 multitrack available
  13. Belinda Carlisle1 multitrack available
  14. Bill Conti2 multitracks available
  15. Billy Currington9 multitracks available
  16. Billy Ray Cyrus2 multitracks available
  17. Bing Crosby1 multitrack available
  18. Blu Cantrell2 multitracks available
  19. Bob Carleton1 multitrack available
  20. Bob Carlisle1 multitrack available
  21. Bobby Caldwell1 multitrack available
  22. Brandi Carlile2 multitracks available
  23. Brandy Clark9 multitracks available
  24. Brian Justin Crum1 multitrack available
  25. Camp Rock5 multitracks available
  26. Captain & Tennille3 multitracks available
  27. Carlos2 multitracks available
  28. Cascada1 multitrack available
  29. Cat Stevens6 multitracks available
  30. Cee Lo Green3 multitracks available
  31. Celtic Woman9 multitracks available
  32. Century1 multitrack available
  33. Cha Cha Orchestra1 multitrack available
  34. Chad & Jeremy1 multitrack available
  35. Chairmen Of The Board1 multitrack available
  36. Changing Faces2 multitracks available
  37. Charlotte Church1 multitrack available
  38. Chayanne1 multitrack available
  39. Cheap Trick4 multitracks available
  40. Cheech & Chong1 multitrack available
  41. Chef'Special1 multitrack available
  42. Cher7 multitracks available
  43. Chicago4 multitracks available
  44. Chicago (The Movie)1 multitrack available
  45. Chicago (The Musical)3 multitracks available
  46. Childish Gambino1 multitrack available
  47. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang1 multitrack available
  48. Chris De Burgh2 multitracks available
  49. Chrisette Michele1 multitrack available
  50. Christopher Cross1 multitrack available
  51. Chromeo1 multitrack available
  52. Chubby Checker4 multitracks available
  53. Chuck Wicks1 multitrack available
  54. Cirque du Soleil1 multitrack available
  55. Clean Bandit4 multitracks available
  56. Colbie Caillat2 multitracks available
  57. Coldplay26 multitracks available
  58. Creedence Clearwater Revival36 multitracks available
  59. Culture Club1 multitrack available
  60. Cupid1 multitrack available
  61. Cylia1 multitrack available
  62. Cypress Hill2 multitracks available
  63. Darren Criss1 multitrack available
  64. Deborah Cox1 multitrack available
  65. Eric Church7 multitracks available
  66. Eric Clapton27 multitracks available
  67. Francis Cabrel1 multitrack available
  68. Jamie Cullum17 multitracks available
  69. Jimmy Cliff1 multitrack available
  70. Joe Cocker12 multitracks available
  71. Johnny Cash13 multitracks available
  72. Johnny Clegg1 multitrack available
  73. Julien Clerc1 multitrack available
  74. June Carter2 multitracks available
  75. Kenny Chesney1 multitrack available
  76. Kristin Chenoweth1 multitrack available
  77. Mariah Carey28 multitracks available
  78. Miley Cyrus20 multitracks available
  79. Nat King Cole2 multitracks available
  80. Natalie Cole10 multitracks available
  81. Nathan Carter1 multitrack available
  82. Phil Collins8 multitracks available
  83. Randy Crawford5 multitracks available
  84. Ray Charles12 multitracks available
  85. Sheryl Crow1 multitrack available
  86. Sofia Carson1 multitrack available
  87. Taio Cruz1 multitrack available
  88. The Cardigans1 multitrack available
  89. The Chainsmokers4 multitracks available
  90. The Cure1 multitrack available
  91. Vanessa Carlton3 multitracks available

Welcome to Isolated-tracks!

Multitracks/stems for profesional musicians

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We know how to make your life easier! Multitrack might significantly increase the speed of your workflow. You do not need to think about many complex aspects, such as a signal-to-noise ratio or quality and performance of your equipment, because all instruments recorded. The contemporary music business is a very concurrent environment. How do we overtake our competitors, gain time to go forward?

We must always remember our mission, which is an art! The genuine art consists of thin details. Here's a big problem! Sometimes we hurry and have a lack of time to improve and polish our phonograms. It the other hand, each of us knows such a self-evident truth that the perfect is the enemy of good. Is there any way to stop seeking compromise solutions between quantity and quality? Yes! Multitrack can solve this trouble! When all tracks recorded and mounted, you can spend more time on customization and work on important details. With our stems, you'll get velocity and a smaller gap between an initial idea and the final result!

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Multitrack allows starting faster without any preparations. Even absolute beginners can start using it! All multitracks are stored in the universal format, that allows using your favorite soft, no additional installations or vendor-products required. Multitracks are compatible with all contemporary platforms!

For any tasks!

Ready-made stems are an ideal educational material for those who learn to mix. Multitrack is helpful for musicians, producers, and DJs. It may be a wonderful source of interesting ideas, a starting point for your artificial experiments.

Wedding-bands or cover-groups can use playbacks to make the sound picture deeper and reacher. If you do not have a standalone keyboard player in your band, you can prepare custom backing tracks with keyboards' parts. Click-track existing in each multitrack can be sent to individual phones to a drummer or any other musician.

Time to create

It’s time to turn-on your fantasy and start to create right now! There are no restrictions on how to use multitracks! It all depends on your fantasy!

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Multitrack has a universal format that allows you to import it to any program (Cubase, Logic, ProTools, or FL Studio) or hardware workstation (Tascam, Allen&Heath, Korg, Roland). Any EQ, compression, reverb may be applied for an individual channel or a whole mix. Let's start to create!

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