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Explanation With OR, you get songs matching at least one criteria chosen. With AND, if the only one parameter does not match, a song will not be shown. Default: OR
Stems for musicians
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 9 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano, Glockenspiel, String Section, Flute, Lead Vocal
Download HQ Multitrack
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 11 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Distorted Electric Guitar, Lead Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synth Strings, String Section, Lead VocalMarta Sanchez, Lead VocalAndrea Bocelli
All of You Stems
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 15 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Percussion, Bass, Electric Guitar(overdrive), Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar(right), Piano, Electric Piano, Synth Pad, Synth Brass, String Section, Backing Vocals, Lead VocalDiana Ross, Lead VocalJulio Iglesias
Stems of Somethin' Stupid
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 12 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Percussion, Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano, Vibes, String Section, Brass Instruments, Woodwinds, Lead Vocal Elodie Frégé, Lead Vocal Emmanuel Moire
When I First Kissed You Stems/Isolated
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 7 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Double Bass, Electric Guitar, Electric Piano, String Section, Lead Vocal
Memory — Stems Download
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 12 channels: Drum Kit, Timpani, Bass, Piano, Synthesizer, String Section, Brass Instruments, Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, Flute, Lead Vocal
Berg, Andrea: Im nächsten leben
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 15 channels: Metronome, Electronic Drum Kit, Tambourine, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Acoustic Guitar (left), Rhythm Acoustic Guitar (right), Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar (with effect), Lead Electric Guitar, Piano, Synth Pad, Synth Keys, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
Promise Me: Stems
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 10 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Piano(solo), String Section, Oboe, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal
When I Fall In Love: Multitrack
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 12 channels: Metronome, Drum Kit, Bass, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Synth Pad, Synth Keys, String Section, Harp, French Horn, Lead Vocal Clive Griffin, Lead Vocal Céline Dion
Piaseczny, Andrzej — Na przekór nowym czasom
Format: Multitrack (Stems/Isolated) 4 channels: Metronome, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Lead Vocal
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